Smooth(ie) Operator

Full Metal Smoothie - Squeeze Juice Works

It has been a year. Or maybe it’s been a couple of years of just getting schooled by life.  An accelerated growth process that involved getting mentally, spiritually and physically whopped daily. Questions like, “who did I think I was?” skirted through my thoughts. And a life review on how the package I had bought was working out for me.

What is your motivation lady? I found I was moved through life more by fear than curiosity. Fear my body would stop working. Fear I would never find a sense of service in this life. Fear I wasn’t enough.

At the core, I was just not feeling worthy of loving me. And further questioning of what motivated my choices in partnerships with other humans. And then something so crazy simple shifts, you cry in your car, you cry in the shower and you give up. You say, “it’s too big for me I have to give it up to something bigger than me.”You admit it and give up on it.

You give up on outcome. You set alarms on your phone to remind you to breathe and scan your body. You may drink more water but you will definitely become more creative. You will surprise yourself with your soul’s tenacity to keep plugging along.

You may even learn to trust yourself, enough to get to know yourself.

So I made a smoothie menu and we launch it tomorrow. It has taken me five years to bring it to completion. I guess, maybe, I do take some things slow.


Keefe Manwaring

A crude dude with a rude 'tude that operates the design studio Ninth North.