Organic, handcrafted juice

All of our juice is handcrafted in small batches to ensure our intentions: freshness, minimal waste and environmental impact, and maximum health benefits in each and every pint.

We are a small operation and although we are growing to meet demand, we continue to produce small batches of juices in order to create the most consistent and delicious product possible.


About Us

In 2008 Squeeze's founder Kelly Lessem began to experience symptoms of slurred speech, double vision, facial paralysis and choking. She went from one doctor to another in search of the source for these pathologies before being diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis. MG is a rare neurological autoimmune condition that keeps the muscles of the body from engaging and firing. 

Looking for natural alternatives to support her health challenge lead to juicing. She teamed up with Amy Losoya to create Squeeze Juice Works. The shops located in St. Petersburg, Florida focus on plant-based creations, of juices, shots, food and cleanses. 

How we work

People often approach their health as though they are broken and need fixing, but this just sets one up for failure. No matter where you are in life, we are ready to accommodate your needs.

Developing a self-care system complemented with simple, concentrated nutrients is a sound approach to our modern overload of fluctuating lifestyle and environment. Pure fruits, vegetables and herbs will help you find your balance and wake up your innate senses.

Your body has an internal intelligence that holds more wisdom than even the brain can store. When the body observes you doing something for the system that makes sense, it will guide you to more of the same experience. For many, building a relationship of trust with their bodies is a learned practice cultivated through patience and experience. Juicing is here to be your daily sensory and nutrient-filled practice to wake up the body.