Each day Squeeze offers a menu of fresh, organic grab-and-go food options which feed the body. We create fare that wakes up the palette and helps the body thrive. Because we only work within the availability of fresh, organic ingredients, our daily menu revolves. Check our cooler, or call us for the daily selection. If you want to know more about the ingredients we may use in our juice or food selections, check out our ingredients glossary.


Clean 'n Soba - $8.99


An Asian-style dish with gluten-free buckwheat noodles served over a bed of ginger slaw. Ginger dressing and sprouts, basil, cilantro, and mint on the side.

Darjeeling Salad - $9.99

Available as a salad or as a collard wrap.

Curry chickpea salad on top of organic greens. Served with a side of pickled beets. 


Stop Mocking Me Tuna Salad - $9.99

Available as a salad or ($8.99) collard wrap.

Organic sprouted almond mock tuna, cherry tomatoes, organic greens, and sprouts. Served with cashew ranch dressing.

Raw Taco Salad - $9.99


Raw walnut taco meat, organic greens, cashew nacho cheeze. Served with a lime cilantro cashew cream and fresh salsa.