Frequently Asked Questions

What is a juice cleanse?

Juice cleansing is sustaining yourself with fresh, alive juices for a day, or a number of days. The goal is not to tax or starve the body, but to replenish it. Thirty percent of the body’s total energy is used to digest food. When digestion is not the number one process, then your organs get some love, attention and relief from the daily grind of processing fats, toxins, and various other unknowns in your diet. During a cleanse, the nutrient-rich, enzyme-packed, alive juices come in to fortify the body, bathing it in vitamins and minerals. On a five-day cleanse you will notice renewed energy, self-discovery and your palate awakening.

Why should I do a cleanse?

A juice cleanse is a safe way to eliminate poor dietary patterns while still receiving concentrated nutrients from whole, alive fruits and vegetables. This process will keep all of the necessary bodily functions stimulated and working while letting healing challenges slowly come to the surface. Healing crises can occur with strong and fast aesthetic cleanses. With a Squeeze cleanse you are getting more than enough nutrients and caloric intake to maintain a healthy day to day schedule. Fasting gives the body a break from digesting food and bulk fiber so the organs can restore and while the organs are taking a break from digestion they are also getting pummeled by nutrients.

Sometimes we just get tired of our story: our life, our will power, and the general state of our health. We get curious about what it would be like to think more clearly and to change life-long habits. Or, we watch the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, get informed, and then get inspired.

Is it safe?

Squeeze offers clean, whole juices, that are made daily and are as fresh as pulling from the plant. What isn’t safe is the life-long ingestion of the standard American diet. Please note that the cleanse is not recommended for pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers. That said, there is nothing wrong with mothers supplementing their diets with fresh juices to aide growing mama and babe. Cleanses allow you a chance to still have fun in life and find balance. They have been done throughout history, in all cultures, to maintain a full, healthy life. If you have food allergies, let us know.

Do I have the strength and willpower for a cleanse?

You wouldn’t be reading this if you did not already possess the strength to tackle this task. With that said, please remember to be patient with yourself during the process.

Before the cleanse

Preparation is key. Wean yourself off of caffeine, white foods (rice, pasta & sugar), dairy and meat four days prior to commencing your cleanse to prepare your body for detoxification. Eliminating certain foods also allows the mind to set in motion its preparation for the cleanse. You will get more than enough calories and nutrients on the cleanse but, as in life, many challenges are mind over matter.

Some other tips to start three days before the cleanse (or even right this minute!):

  • Start each day with warm water and lemon. Drinking this throughout the day is great too!
  • Drink at least a gallon of water a day and give herbal teas a try.

Please note: If you are gravely ill, then please consult with a doctor before embarking on the cleanse. Many doctors, including Dr. Oz, will recommend a mostly plant based diet and that’s exactly what we offer, only in juiced form.

During the cleanse

If you are having a challenging moment then this is a great time to become aware and to befriend the manic energy. Better yet, go out and do something kind for yourself — get a massage, buy a journal, take a yoga class, go on a long walk, and get creative with self-love, not loathe.

Some easy to do things on a challenging cleanse day are:

  • We suggest lying down FLAT ON YOUR BACK for at least 20 minutes a day while cleansing. Just check out and breathe, then you open your eyes and feel the difference.
  • Get some water going! Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day in between juices.
  • If you are sleepy and have a chance to rest, take a nap. Going to bed early will help take your mind off of food and accelerate the cleansing process.
  • Consider a colonic as a safe way to help the body expel waste.
  • The body’s largest elimination organ is the skin; try body brushing in the morning to rid your body of dead skin cells and open your pores. Infrared saunas, massages and warm baths can also serve you well.
  • Feel free to exercise, but don’t over do it. It’s important to listen to your body.
  • Warm herbal teas can be comforting during moments of hunger cravings. Yerba Mate & Green Tea are examples of teas you can use with the cleanse.
  • We can offer, pre & post probiotics, into your cleanse routine. This will help increase the healthy bacteria in your intestines and strengthen the immune system.

When your cleanse is done

Congratulations! You did it and you’re done! The more you are able to keep your system functioning properly the better off you will be. Watch your diet for the next couple of days… nothing too complicated or processed. We recommend that you break your cleanse by consuming three small meals the following day. Keep it simple, raw foods, superfood smoothies and potassium rich vegetable soups. Keep complex animal fats, cheese and proteins out of your diet. Just check in with how good even the simplest foods taste. Take note of which foods give you energy, slow you down, or just don’t sit well.

Why am I drinking my juices in this order?

We don’t want to complicate the process of juice cleansing. We want to wake up the senses, maybe even your common sense. There aren’t any rules, however, Squeeze places fruitier or sweeter juices in the earlier part of the day so that you can utilize the carbs for energy. We offer greens in the afternoon when your metabolism is stoked. At night the focus is more on root vegetables to offer complexity and a hearty feeling to the evening juice.

Can I workout while doing a juice fast?

If you are already an active person, then keep up with your regular routine, but do not push yourself. Plenty of people have kept up with their spin classes, CrossFit and personal training, but some people are different and like to go inward during a cleanse, focusing on massage, breathe work, journal writing and restorative yoga. Listen to your body. This is not a time to let the mind push an agenda.

How many calories are in the juice?

Calories (large or small) are not the most reliable indicator of whether or not a food or drink is healthful or if it can be used for proper nourishing of your body. Food and drinks are not meant to be “zero calories, fat free, and carb free.” Such foods are not easily assimilated by the body. FDA compliant nutrition labels (with calories) can be found by clicking here.

We really like this perspective on calories shared by Drought juice out of Detroit, Michigan. “Without getting too deep, consider this: Everything is energy. All energy has a frequency. High, low, or untraceable to the naked eye, energy is present. All raw fruits and vegetables, especially organics, have a high frequency most simply accredited to their live, untainted natural state. Food science is extremely complex, and quoting tired concepts or rules shows a lack of understanding for the variety in our lives.”

Do you ship juice?

We are not shipping juices at this time.

When should I do a cleanse?

Cleanses are best thought of as a gift for your body. Consider doing a cleanse seasonally to have your body flow with the rhythm of the changing seasons. If you are feeling bloated, sluggish and foggy then give yourself a couple of days to prepare and take a break from solid food. Be kind to yourself and do not plan a cleanse during a challenging time when big events are coming up. such as weddings, final exams or the holidays.

How long should I cleanse for?

As you become accustomed to lowering your food intake you may decide to do a juice cleanse one day a week, like Ghandi or Bernard Jensen, to give the body a rest from digesting. Or maybe a juice cleanse whenever you need a kickstart to better food habits. Cleansing with the change of seasons keeps your body aligned with its own natural rhythms. Or how about 1 vegetable juice a day so you know that 4 to 6 pounds of nutrients is taken care of for the day.

We really recommend people try to go for 10 days, at least at some point. Days 1–3 are the most challenging, as your body responds to a new rhythm of digestion and releasing unwanted elements. This is also when you are breaking yourself of certain habits, unconscious thoughts and food addictions. By day 5, you start to feel that solid food is for suckers. So keep on going — just give us a ring 24hrs before and we will extend your juice fast.

Just a note — the five-day cleanses have two rounds of pick-up or delivery to make sure the juice is at its best. But, with all cleanses, we require two days (48hrs) notice for preparation.

How is your juice cleanse different from other brands?

Our cleanses are personalized based on your taste and goals. You are not the same as your neighbor and this is why we do not offer predesigned cleanses. Each person has different chemistry, desires and challenges he or she is facing.

We also believe our cleanses are a service. Instead of having you design your own, we work with you to make the most balanced selections. Choosing a group of juices that do not compliment each other can lead to feeding infection, inflammation, weight gain, and keeping you further from your goals.

Additionally, our juices are pressed daily, and made from organic vegetables and fruit. We use a cold-press machine to keep every last drop of raw, enzyme-rich liquid goodness intact. The juice is never heated, pressurized (HPP-High Pressure Pasteurization), filled with preservatives or placed for long periods of time. Our mission is to provide a raw, unpasteurized juice to benefit your body’s ecology. A juice that can stay on the shelf for 21 days, we believe, does not serve this purpose.

We can only offer this by being a local company. Nationally distributed brands at big grocery chains can not offer enzyme-intact juice, but they may charge you just as much for the product. You’re also reducing your carbon footprint by not having them shipped from thousands of miles away.

Are there any side effects that I can expect?

We are all different, but there are some side effects to a juice cleanse that are good to know about. Preparation for the cleanse is the key to success. The first day of the fast you are still digesting food from the last week. By day two the body is hunting for its steady stream of fats and stimulants (caffeine) and detoxification is at its most drastic and noticeable. Feelings of fatigue, light flu symptoms, headaches and minor skin breakouts are all common symptoms of the body cleaning out the junk! Results of a juice fast usually include glowing skin, clear eyes, a break from fuzzy brain. After the fast, as you are introducing a sensible, plant-based diet, you will be able to recognize foods that trigger sensitivity in your digestive system.

What is the difference between cold pressing juice or making it in a Ninja or Vitamix blender?

Am I giving up all the good fiber? There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Cold pressing juice gets the maximum nutrients out of your organic produce; think of it as using your produce to create medicine. Nothing compares to cold press juice’s ability to offer maximum, dense nutrients immediately to the body without the process of digestion. With this form of juicing the body is able to immediately absorb nutrients into the bloodstream. Also cold pressing has the ability to keep the vitamins and enzymes intact longer than a high speed blender or centrifugal juicer.

With a high speed blender the fiber stays in your drink allowing digestion to take over. The process of digestion slows the breakdown and absorption of the food so the energy is used over a longer period of time. If you are looking for a midday meal replacement then green smoothies are an excellent route to take. If your intentions are to heal the body and receive maximum yield from your organic produce, then cold press is paramount to this process.

What are the benefits of a 3 day cleanse opposed to a 1 day, a 5 day compared to a 3 etc?

A one-day cleanse is used by many as maintenance for the body or a chance to take a weekly break from the process of digestion. Did you know the body uses 30% of its total energy to digest simple foods and 20% just to keep your brain operating? Can you imagine how the body would operate if it was not always going through the process of digestion?

One-day cleanses are also an excellent chance to see if a juice cleanse is right for you. Three to five-day cleanses can be used to reboot the body or as a building block to longer cleanses. Ten days or more is where real healing work begins.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult your doctor before consuming any of these products for the intent to treat a medical condition or cure an illness or disease.