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Saturday Morning Market St. Pete
Join us every Saturday during the months of October through May for downtown St. Pete's Saturday Morning Market.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

As a business, Squeeze Juice Works wants to remain thoughtful about the waste we create. These are some of the methods we now employ to lessen the blow. Everyday we are looking for new ways to be innovative as a low impact business model.

Our Glass Bottles

Please bring your glass bottles back for 10¢ towards your next purchase. We will take the bottle, sanitize it and put it right back to work filling it with more fresh juice!

Our Compost

Squeeze creates 100 to 200 pounds of organic compost per day, seven days a week. All of our compost goes to local organizations and gardeners who either teach or are practicing urban farming.

Read about the Edible Peace Patch Project.

Produce Containers, Plastic and Cardboard

We recycle all plastic, cardboard and produce containers.

Teaming Up

We love to work with other local businesses.

Urban Canning Company

One of a kind, hand crafted and hand preserved foods such as jams, pickles, chutneys, salsas, relishes and mustards.

Mother Kombucha

Mother Kombucha makes small batch, living kombucha tea from organic and fair trade ingredients.

Kahwa Coffee

Proudly roasted in Tampa Bay, Kahwa Coffee focuses on blends over single origin coffees in order to bring complex flavors to each cup.

Bake’n Babes

Bake’n Babes specializes in all types of baked goods, including Paleo and gluten-free alternatives. Their Maple Bacon Cupcake was crowned 2013 Best Cupcake of Tampa Bay.

Kiwicha bar

 A great tasting, nutritious, energy dense snack to keep you going.  

Tidal Boar Gnger Beer

Tidal Boar Ginger Beer is a small batc, handcrafted non-alcoholic beverage produced in St Petersburg, Fl. Crafting a superior quality ginger beer using only the freshest natural ingredients. Unleash the ginger!