A juice cleanse is sustaining yourself with fresh, alive juices for a day, or a number of days. The goal is not to tax or starve the body, but to replenish it. Thirty percent of the body’s total energy is used to digest food. When digestion is not the number one process, then your organs get some love and attention from the daily grind of processing fats, toxins, and various other unknowns in your diet. During a cleanse, the nutrient-rich, enzyme-packed, alive juices come in to fortify the body, bathing it in vitamins and minerals. On a five-day cleanse, you will notice renewed energy, your palate waking, and self-discovery.

Squeeze Juice Works offers 3 varieties of cleanses, but we do structure or personalize them specifically to each customer based on your answers to our Cleanse Pre-order Q & A. You can find more information regarding our cleanses in our FAQ and our Cleanse Support page.

Please be aware a Cleanse is an emotional and physical commitment. Cleanses are required to be placed at least 48 hours in advance, because our juices require 2 days for production (one day for produce prep, and one day for fresh pressing).  If you decide to cancel your order before it goes to production (before 48 hours prior to pick up), we will cancel and applied to a Squeeze Gift Card. If your cancellation is made within 48 hours, after we have begun prep and production, you will be charged in full.


The Classic

Our Classic!

The cleanse consists of five 16 ounce bottles of nutrient-rich, alive, fruit and vegetable juices - tailored to your taste preferences and goals, plus one 16 ounce bottle of nut mylk to consume over three days.

1 day - $55
3 days - $160
5 days - $260

Alkaline Cleanse

Keep It Green!

Need all greens or low to no fruit, we have you covered with five 16 ounce bottles of organic cold press juice a day, plus one 16 ounce bottle of nutrient dense Waialua nut mylk to consume over three days.

1 day - $61
3 days - $178
5 days - $290

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The Master

The Squeeze Master Cleanse!

Squeeze’s version of the Master Cleanse with a mid-day 16 ounce G-Force Alkaline Greens to supplement your spicy Lemon-Aide fast.

Per day - $25

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Additional Pints

Need another pint to your day? Additional pints of juice.


Medicinal Shots

We have a wide array of Medicinal Shots to complement your cleanse

$3 to $4 per shot

E3 Live

1/2 ounce per day



Post-Cleanse Probiotics

Bottle $3.99
Growler $13

Traditional Medicines Organic Smooth Move Tea

Per Tea Bag $1

Nut Mylks w/Chia for a Protein Boost